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Humanity Still Prevails, Even if Humans Fail


We may have failed as humans but humanity will prevail!

COVID 19 has created havoc, and situations are tough, lockdown is killing MSMEs, labor class is in one of the biggest pain ever encountered in history.

I wake up to this every day, being an entrepreneur, I know how it feels firsthand. But to get through this, I believe we need to see the bigger picture.

I need you to ask yourself- What would humans be without hope? Would we really have anything to look forward to? Anything to try for?

I still see a ray of sunshine even when times seem devastating.

The kind where “When the sun shines through gaps in clouds into a hazy sky, we can see bright rays converging on the point where the sun is, because of perspective”

Perspective is everything!

Yes, there are mishaps, such that even the most developed countries are struggling to save the lives of thousands of people, something that is evident every single time we watch the news or take those daily mornings and bedtime updates, but bad times pass and this too shall be one of them, that’s what I personally believe.

As humans, we hate change, resist deeply to it, a nature so rooted in our very being, but pandemics like these teach us some valuable life lessons, just like our mistakes teach us to be better.

Before COVID 19, the survival of the fittest was the ultimate mantra, but with such changing times, our beliefs need to change, it’s about time to put the survival of the quickest into the world.

A Forced entrepreneurship era will come into the picture for many business sectors. Many industries will need to change revenue models, marketing models, and so on, a rollercoaster of sorts!

Being an entrepreneur myself, I feel the pain. Promises are difficult to keep or when broken, can really be mental agony. However, it does not mean this is the end. Albeit, it’s a different beginning, a different start for something new.

Age-old business strategies might not work and have lost their meaning, and renounced, successful strategies are sidelined with so many things constantly changing.

Although we have not yet failed to the point where it’s not fixable, as long as humanity is alive, humans aren’t far gone.

A lot of individuals will say, we have done so many revolutionary things, from AI, traveled to space and innovated plenty of products, and yet failed to save countless lives.

What I say to this is but we also have ancient techniques to dive within ourselves and gain the inner strength we all need to do the SEVA (offering to uplift humankind)

The uplifting where hope and spreading positivity is our Power!

Just remember, whenever there is an imbalance, nature finds its way to regain its balance back, sure, for a while, it might be devastating, overwhelming, something we are all going through in this situation or even worse, but things are far from over.

Finally, there is a saying, I’d like to quote for this very reason, hoping that it will relate to you as much as it does to me- “The desire for freedom and equilibrium is inherent in mankind!”

And, we will come out of this pandemic, with an innate sense of positivity and strength. If we can get through this as businesses, we can get through anything!