PugMarker has designed and developed amazing web apps for multiple clients and here are a couple of our best works.

Collabiro Web App Design
  • Our team has designed a Task Management Web App dedicated to facilitating CAs & CSs.
  • A complete UX Architecture with multiple functionalities that allows users to streamline and process their work in real-time.
  • PugMarker assisted L’etoile, an IoT-based Home Automation OEM to design and build their web app with three unique versions.
  • Users can design their personalized smart switches, select images, sizes, & switch controls, etc. The other version allows users to design switches as per their wallpapers or wall colors for aesthetic look. And in the 3rd version, we enabled users to get customized smart switches where they can match the designs with their furniture range.

Achieving Business Goals

Allowing Users to Reach Their Goal &
Achieving Business Goals

Get a web app design that is aimed at encouraging users to not only retain longer on the web app but also interact with the business.

Win Their Hearts

Understand user needs and design a web app that engages them, builds trust, and generates interest among them.

Win Their Hearts

Understand user needs and design a web app that engages them, builds trust, and generates interest among them.

Delightful Online Experience

Deliver a delightful online experience to your users and establish your brand’s identity in the virtual world.

Boost Sales

A well-designed web app enables easy conversion of users into loyal customers, ultimately ramping up sales.

Assist Marketing

Did you know, you can optimize your marketing campaigns with a well-structured web app design that motivates users to submit their vital information.

Let’s Design Memorable Experience

Let’s Design Memorable Experience

PugMarker assists brands build web app designs that deliver significant experience and engaging user journeys.

Web App Design 4

Design Audit & Research

  • Right from auditing your existing web app to analysing user behaviour, market research, and competitors design, a comprehensive process is involved.

Final UX Designing

  • After a complete brainstorming process, we apply Agile Designing method to design engaging and user-friendly web apps.

Web App Building

  • A smartly designed web app with apt and unique features makes the development process easier and cost effective.

What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?

User Experience

Be it information gathering or online buying, we offer engaging and visually stimulating user experience.

Mind Mapping

Itemizing unique strategies that comprise your business goal and end user’s requirements.

Identify Persona

We study your target audiences’ behaviour patterns, persona, and pain points to design user-friendly web apps.

User Journey

Coming up with a smooth user journey to assist users to reach their goal in less time as well as fulfills stakeholder expectations.

Low Fidelity

Delivering your team an idea of what the web app will look like by incorporating basic content and visuals.

High Fidelity

Along with aesthetic design, important features, and much more, offering a glimpse of the look and feel of the final app.

Mood Board

Visually presenting web app concepts, visuals, and images on the mood board to convey the feel of the app.

Final Designing

Designing web apps that communicate business objectives clearly and leaves a strong impact on users.