We Put User First Because

User Experience Matters

A blend of excellent design skills and technology to deliver experiences that users will remember, cherish, & would like to re-experience.

User Interface
(UI) Design

1User Interface
(UI) Design

Interaction is the key to boost brand image, presence, and loyalty. PugMarker design team aims to make every design element interactive.

  • Considering the traits and emotions of end-users for brands, we design amiable appearances.
  • For building operational online appearances, we craft designs that leave a lasting impression.
  • To crystallize the customer journey, we undergo various stages; wireframes, prototypes, brainstorming, etc.

Prototype Design

2Prototype Design

We involve clients in every process to meet exact requirements. The prototypes allow us to understand the client’s expectations & deliver value.

  • Designing the prototypes enables us as well clients to get the gist of the complete online structure to be developed.
  • Prototype designs help developers understand the flow, features, and other vital elements before implementation.
  • Transforming each prototype from paper to screen involves groundwork and scrutiny

Mobile App Design

3Mobile App Design

Our designs generate a sense of connectivity between brands & apps. The design comprehends target niche, competitors, and brand vision.

  • Defining the design goal is our first approach towards top-notch mobile app designs.
  • We integrate the latest designing trends to help brands stand out from the competition.
  • By visualizing the brand identity, each designing element is customized and matched to the product/service message.

Web App Design

4Web App Design

Right from complex e-commerce web apps, to one-page websites, we have delivered amazing designs and much more are lined up.

  • Our strategies direct to match the web app designs with brand identity and boost brand loyalty.
  • The customized designing services enable clients to get unique and personalized designs that retain every user.
  • Creating wireframes, selecting the colors, spaces, and even images; goes through intense research.

UX Audit & Consultancy

5UX Audit & Consultancy

We find out what’s lacking in your structure designs and offer expert consultation by our highly experienced UX team.

  • Every web app and mobile app design has to deliver an excellent user experience.
  • We audit the entire structures and list down areas of improvement to enhance user experience.
  • Since our team has skilled and experienced designers, we offer consultations to help clients build amazing online platforms.

Interactive Design

6Interactive Design

Interacting with users through well-planned designs is an art! Our designs encourage users to communicate and give & take information.

  • User information being a vital part, we plan our design strategies to allow users to interact more.
  • Smartly placing CTAs, buttons, forms, and other communicating elements on each platform.
  • We design intuitive and exciting layouts of websites & apps with the best images, content, and graphics.

Our Clients

We have a laser-focused approach to our clients' needs and vision. We base our success on their satisfaction and form relationships that deliver value and speak innovation.