Inclusive PPC Results

Inclusive PPC Results

Diving deep in Research and Acumen + Marketing Skills can ramp up ROI in less span of time with optimized efficiency.

Devgad mango ppc results
  • 1740% Return On Ad Spend for an E-commerce client was a result of consistent campaign optimization and remarketing.
  • Attained 567% Growth in Quality Leads in just 1 Month with exceptional PPC strategies for a Commercial Kitchen Ecosystem.

With Paid Ads

Meet People Who Are Looking For You
With Paid Ads

Give your brand online recognition in no time, attract more, engage better, drive greater brand growth with PPC services.

Measurable Advertising

With PPC, you get to measure the progress of ad campaigns with complete transparency.

Measurable Advertising

With PPC, you get to measure the progress of ad campaigns with complete transparency.

Top Visibility

As compared to other online/offline marketing campaigns, paid ads offer quick top visibility.

Instantaneous Growth

With crisp ad copies & user-friendly landing pages, see your brand recognition graph going upwards in less time.

Early Sales Benefits

Get valuable customer insights with the right PPC campaigns that can be helpful for overall sales activities.

Let's Advertise Your Brand

Let's Advertise Your Brand

With extensive assistance from PugMarker’s PPC Team, give your brand a place in the list of your top competitors.


Draw the Personage

  • Let’s understand what your target audiences are, read their needs, and draft an advertising strategy together.

Calculated Strategies

  • Our PPC Expertise teaming up with your acumen can create a calculated ad strategy to drive the best results.


  • Every paid ad campaign has immensely valuable data of reactions of target audiences for the betterment of campaigns.


  • After drawing the personage, drafting strategies, and optimizing the campaign, convert the users to customers.

What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?

PPC Audit

Enrich your current PPC campaigns with Audits by Experts to understand the areas of development.

Ad Account Setup

Leave the Technical Ad Account Setup part to our PPC Experts and enjoy the upscaled sales graph.

Campaign Planning

With detailed market study, competitor study, and prospect study, we plan campaigns with higher efficiency.

Ad Copies and Landing Pages

Catch your prospects’ attention with apt ad copies and inbound landing page copy.

Campaign Optimization

Witness the amazing growth of ROI with every campaign optimization stage.


Don’t let the customers stay customers. Convert them into Loyal Customers with Remarketing/Retargeting.