People Love to Communicate

People Love to Communicate

Let your prospects spend more time on your web/mobile app and interact with your business more with user-centric designing.

User Data-

Leverage the important user insights fetched with interactive designing and understand the prospects better.

User Data-

Leverage the important user insights fetched with interactive designing and understand the prospects better.


understand their buying behavior and use the data to optimize your marketing campaigns with precise targeting.

Better Conversion Rate-

The more they get to interact with your business and understand your products/services better, the more are the possibilities of conversion

Beat Competition-

Outsmart the competition by letting your customers communicate with your business and offering a personalized feeling.

Let's Chit-Chat

Let's Chit-Chat

Team up with PugMarker and give your website or web/mobile app an interactive design. A small give-n-take of thoughts can help a lot.

Interactive Design

Learn Users’ Needs

  • Our team along with your industry experts study what factors can influence the buying decision of prospects and prepare the design concept accordingly.

Solution Oriented

  • Once the team understands users’ needs, we can together draw solutions and transform those solutions in the form of interface design.

Final Designing

  • Once the concept gets approved, our team of designers will deliver the final design making it interesting and interactive.

What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?


We analyze your existing online forums and apps to learn the intensity of communication and suggest improvements accordingly.

Business Study

Before starting with the design, our team of experts will study your business and list down the opportunities for communication.

Competitor Study

Along with user study & business study, we also conduct competitor studies where we strategize how we can stand firm in the competition.


Putting our leg in the user’s shoe for deep learning of their perspectives about the brand and interface for better designing.

Information Architecture

Get a detailed representation of information in the form of content and learn what your users are going to interact with.

User Flows

Right from landing on the page to reaching the ultimate page goal, get a detailed user flow of your interface.

Low Fidelity

Get the basic visualization of your web/mobile app or website with raw yet detailed sketches incorporated with content and structure.

High Fidelity

Explore how your interface is going to look and feel with detailed wireframes with elements reflecting the final product’s feel.


Get a montage of images, font color, materials, content, and other UI elements encouraging users to interact effectively.

Clickable Prototype

Get a glimpse of your final app/website and enable quick development with a clickable prototype.

Final Design

Watch your app idea get converted into a real product that is super interactive, simple, & efficient.

Develop With Suitable Technology

Get a scalable website/app developed with the right technology, amazing features, and a robust interface.