For Customer Loyalty

Branding is the Key!

PugMarker helps you build a complete and strong brand identity that speaks out your brand value, image, mission, feel, & message.

Brand Positioning

1Brand Positioning

Positioning your brand in the right way is the fundamental step of branding. We help you convey the right message to the right audiences.

  • We analyze client businesses in detail to understand the current brand perception & position.
  • We do not leave any stone unturned while brainstorming the brand positioning strategies and building campaigns.
  • Conveying the right brand message to the target market through apt content and visual elements.

Logo Design

2Logo Design

A visual symbol that represents your brand vision! Our creative team is pro at conveying big visions through tiny & aesthetic logos

  • PugMarker brand wizards make sure that the foundation of brand identity needs to be bold and sound.
  • Right from strategizing the logo colors and designs, we integrate the brand value, pride, and vision.
  • Our team has delivered many unique, memorable, and triggering logos that speak the brand vision in a loud voice!

Brochure Design

3Brochure Design

For that perfect first impression, we design the best brochures that communicate the brand services and build a strong brand identity.

  • Understanding the client business in detail to be able to pass the exact feel to every marketing tool.
  • We make sure that not only content but every visual element on brochures communicates services.
  • With our well-thought strategies for consistent branding, we deliver similar touch on every medium of contact.

Packaging Design

4Packaging Design

Our Packaging Design service is not only about beautiful designs but also has product protection, storage, & distribution in consideration.

  • Product packaging is one of the vital branding factors, our design strategies incorporate brand identity integration.
  • Packaging communicates what the product is, what quality it has, how is it used, etc.
  • Our product packaging displayed with competitor brands stands out, speaks credibility, and attracts consumers

Brand Identity Design

5Brand Identity Design

Our Brand Identity Design makes you instantly recognizable by your consumers and associates the identity with your products/services.

  • We listen to you and observe what you have to offer in the market.
  • With different elements like typography, color palette, shapes, graphics, logos, packaging, etc. we build brand identity.
  • Brand Key Analysis helps us define your brand belief & personality, transform it into a clear thought.

Graphic Design

6Graphic Design

Our team of creative minds believes in designing graphics that elevate brand identity and shape perceptions in an artistic manner.

  • Our experienced team is well aware of the fact that even a single color in graphics can change the brand image.
  • Hence, the selection of fonts, colors, and visual elements in the design goes through extreme brainstorming.
  • Our graphic designs unify the bold illustrations with the soul of the client’s brands.

Our Clients

We have a laser-focused approach to our clients' needs and vision. We base our success on their satisfaction and form relationships that deliver value and speak innovation.