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Morphological Matrix for logo design

Marphological logic for logo design

Morphological Matrix has been used for solving creative problems for a very long time, and just recently we came across how to use Morphological Matrix for designing a logo. We were quite intrigued by the concept and curiously decided to try it ourselves. We did this by delving deeper and practically implementing the process in a simple-to-understand format.

To understand this in a more precise and detailed manner, we urge you and highly recommend visiting our detailed Logo Design Case Study. If you can start reading that and come to this page, you shall get a more brief idea.

So, What Exactly is Morphosis?

It is a manner in which an organism or any of its part changes form or undergo development. In our context, let’s say the organism is the final logo that we will be delivering through step by step analysis and synthesis. Ref: 1, 2

What is Morphological matrix?

It is a way to break down a process into smaller elements like words, letters, picture elements, characters, place, etc. Have a look at the example below for understanding it quickly.

Evolution of Morphological Matrix

Even though Fritz Zwicky coined the concept “Morphological analysis” for his astronomical studies, it’s been extended for different purposes over the years like Tom Ritchey for GMA (General Morphological Analysis) and Dr. Scott Isaksen used for creative problem-solving methodologies. Ref : 1, 2

The matrix that we used is based on Mario Pricken’s idea explained in his book “Creative Advertising”. We have tried to put this process in a highly simplified format in next section.

The creative problem solving framework

Morphological Matrix for logo design
The creative problem solving framework (Ref : as above)

Based on the above framework, the designing process is at the heart of it , more importantly on the basis of “generating ideas” and “preparing for action”, we have prepared the Matrix below.

How did we prepare Morphological Matrix?

When we began the planning of logo design for Beers bakery, we gave our utmost priority to a few key aspects:

  • Name / letters / word
  • Visual Shapes- in this case, Cake
  • Occasions

Based on fundamentals of Matrix, we put above key ideas in the left first column and on the right hand side, tried to explore different possibilities of design elements. It appears that possibilities are infinite while doing this kind of exercise, it’s crucial to focus on the design end goal (which is logo for beer bakery) and be persistent for the best possibilities.

Here is what a Morphological Matrix we prepared

Morphological Matrix for Beers Bakery
Morphological Matrix for Beers Bakery

The next step is choosing elements that would be fundamental part of logo execution.

Analysis & Brainstorming

One very important step to note here is we undertook brainstorming and detailed analysis while choosing aspects of every key idea (mentioned above).

“Good” analysis is a matter of practice, visualization and maturity of balancing design aspects and understanding positioning of a brand in the market.

Analysis on the other hand, was a fundamental part of the process, that helped us choose from a wide variety of possibilities.

The three elements chosen were marked in red in the above image.

Why Did We Choose These Three, You Ask?

They were chosen from a strategic viewpoint with thorough analysis, as they highly resembled the USP’s of the bakery in three different ways.

Further Process

Based on the three selected elements, further process is explained in our detailed case study.


  • Refinement on selected element
  • Typography
  • Color Scheme
  • Nature’s ultimate balancing act!


Morphological Matrix is a powerful logo design process that helps you break the brainstorming shell i.e the creative block and generate a variety of ideas based on a key-set of factors or design components.

As observed, random combinations can help you generate original ideas in a matter of minutes. After that, all you have to do is pick the most interesting ones, go into details and fine-tune or enhance the existing ideas.

Why, don’t you give it a try? We’d love to know what you discover and produce using this technique?

We have many other logo design techniques up our sleeves. If you are looking for professional logo design services, Contact us