Deciphering Apple X ad brilliance

Deciphering Apple X ad brilliance 3

Going beyond “selling kidney” jokes for an iPhone, here is a food for thought for deciphering Apple X ad brilliance!

Few pointers with the Apple X ad transcript below:

  1. The very first word “YOU”.
  2. The story building… YOU and my best friend and we got something to do… “Togetherness experience enhancement”.
  3. The copy from 0.59 to 1.03
    1. YOU have never seen anything like it and it’s never seen anything like YOU.
  4. Count how many times “YOU/YOUR” have been used in the entire ad.
  5. All common kinds of faces are used for belongingness to everybody.
  6. The brilliant mixture of emotions around YOU and tech specs.
  7. Another nice peace from 0:32 . to 1:26 to spot perfect TG (Targeted Audience)
    1. Do you wanna meet me on the floor/lounge /club … yeah…

All Gut feel stimulus tackled smartly

It seems like Apple has continued the tradition of pitching it to YOUR “gut feel” brain once more!

  1. Self-centered… You You You!
  2. Tangibility… Usage of product features in reality
  3. Visual… Combination of face moves and emoji moves.
  4. Emotional… “You” and “my best friend” and “we”

The Apple ad Transcript:

Voice: You and my best friend and we got something to do…
Text: What Home button?
Text: More durable glass ever in a smartphone.
Text: Wireless charging
Text: A11 Bionic, The most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone.
Text: It can recognize your face out of a million other faces.faces.faces.faces… with your face
Text: Your face is your password.
Text: Unlock with your look.
Text: Pay with your face.
Text: Emoji… Animoji yourself.
Voice: Do you wanna meet me on the floor? yeah… Do you wanna meet me at the lounge? yeah… Do you wanna meet me in the club? yeah… Do you wanna meet me downtown? Okay…
Text: Radically new cameras
Text: … and introducing portrait lighting
Text: Oh and this… Augmented reality. Now a reality.Going beyond “selling kidney” jokes for an iPhone, there is something brilliant in the Apple X ad…


Did I miss anything? Please comment! ūüėČ


How to create elegant Facebook Cover Pic in 10 min



We have made the entire kit and more than 10,000 icons available for FREE considering the fact that it will be very useful for many on the occasion of Social Media Day on 30th June, 2015.

Download it here : Social Media Giveaway Kit.

We wanted to create cover pics in real quick time and save our time for important core operations like design, coding. So we were wondering how to create elegant Facebook cover pic in very less time. But we were unable to find solution through which we can do it quickly yet they are elegant, beautiful and professional.

We all love DIY (Do It Yourself) templates. While creating Facebook cover pics, we decided to create DIY templates for not only for Facebook but also for Twitter, Google Plus and Linked In (for company profiles) & hence landed in creating entire Social Media Marketing (SMM) Cover Kit.

Where this Social Media Marketing Cover Kit is useful?

This is extremely helpful and big time savers especially, when you or your team have Photoshop skills (even very basic is enough) and in less time you want to create and deliver them. Mostly these kind of situations are there for Social Media Marketing (SMM) Companies where they can either use it for their own social marketing or their clients’.

What you will get inside Premium DIY Kit?

  • 40 editable PSD files for Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linked In
  • All layers are well organized in PSD.
  • All elements and text are 100% vector & easy to edit.
  • Use smart objects to change image/icon/background
  • Use shape, to change color quickly according to your brand
  • Gradient and flat color options¬†for background¬†are available inside each cover pic
  • Help file with instructions on how to change the images and links to download the fonts.
  • 100% free fonts used.

The DIY guide :

Here is how it can be achieved step by step

  1. Download Premium DIY Social Media Marketing cover kit from here (40 PSD pack) (If you want to give it a try, we would like to give 1 FREE PSD. Please contact us here)
    Considering the no. of requests we are getting, we have decided to give files for ¬†FREE [purchase_link id=”472″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” direct=”true”] ¬†here itself. There are 4 PSD’s inside zip file; 1 for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In each.
    Check at the top of this post. Entire Premium DIY kit has been made available for FREE! Go grab it!!
  2. After unzipping “”, inside “FinalFiles” folder, you can see following folders
    • Facebook_851px X 315px
    • Google+1080px X 608px
    • Linked in_646px X 220px
    • Twitter_1500px X 500px
    • Help_File
  3. If you go inside Help_File, you can see detailed steps one by one and if you understand all steps, you can skip everything written below! Hurrah!!
    If you want to check the of Help File, please download Help file for Social Media Marketing Kit.
    Or else, continue reading ahead…
  4. Lets say if you want to create following Facebook cover pic, you can open Our_Features.psd file inside Facebook_851px X 315px > PSD_FILES.
  5. You will see following artboard with a layer panel open. Awesome! we are almost there!Our_Features_PugMarkerYou can see different group layers inside layer panel and if you open group, you can see layers are color coded for your help. Similar to following screenshot.Color_Code_PugMarker
  6. Okay, if you are finding it too overwhelming, please skip above step
  7. How to change Text?
    As you know, if you select group “Text”, you can easily replace text the way you want.
  8. How to change icons? 
    No worries, we have used Smart objects here inside “Icons” group.Icon_Layers_PugMarker
    Double clicking smart objects will take you to new Photoshop file where you can replace icon.
    If you want, you can also find many icons here which may suit your need. If you want specific icons for your business, you can also find smaller set of icons here. In case if you do not find, let us know if there any specific requirement is there to create icon.
  9. How to change background colors/patterns?
    Inside “BG_Options” group,¬†there is a smart object “Place_Your_BG_Here”.¬†¬†Double clicking it, you can see four groups which can be used to create many different types of backgrounds like changing pattern colors, BG colors; you can even have either flat or gradient BG.Pattern_PugMarker
  10. Here is what we have created for our Facebook cover pic using above process.Our_Services_PugMarkerWe get this result in 10 minutes with the help of smart objects, Shape layers, Various options for BG ( Flat & Gradient Color ) you can change it with just only one click.
  11. With little bit more efforts and visualization you can also deliver better output by combining objects from our other files for example the line hexagon pattern can be taken from Social_Connections.psd inside Facebook_851px X 315px > PSD_FILES & can be added to enhance your design.Our_Services_01_PugMarker

Our Cover Pics Live in Action :

Do let us know if you find it useful and time saver. If you want us to create wonderful Social Media Cover Pics, please let us know.