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3 Easy Steps For Attractive Packaging Design

3 Easy Steps For Attractive Packaging Design

What brand do you recall when I ask you to visualize a white cup with a green logo in the center and a lid? I know you shouted out loud- “Starbucks”! That’s the beauty of memorable packaging and a strong brand presence. Every popular brand that you use in your daily life generates a connection […]
Go To Market Strategy

3 Step Staircase to Your Go To Market Strategy

Building a new product is a tough job! Starting a new business or curating a business expansion strategy or adding a new service to your existing service line demands a lot of research, hard work, and investment. Wonder what’s more difficult? The complete path of converting your idea into a real business, that too a […]
Biggest Challenges for Businesses When Going Online

Best 9 Biggest Challenges for Businesses When Going Online

In this era, user behavior has amplified online, and with the introduction of e-commerce, there’s more fierce competition than ever before. A throbbing example is Amazon, a huge e-commerce platform/marketplace. Starting or taking a business online in this case comes with its share of challenges and has never been more difficult. When it comes to […]
ayurvedic honey flavour condoms

Patanjali Ayurvedic Condoms

Lately, Patanjali has been a grand success in India FMCG market with a staggering valuation of ₹3,000 crore (US$450 million). Many are already trying to reverse engineer the strategy adopted by Team Patanjali and Baba Ramdev to crack the domestic market. Recently, we heard that they are planning to launch Jeans too. Though the product’s origin is […]
make in india pugmarker concept

What if ‘Make in India’ Started long ago?

The ‘Make in India’ “Make in India” is an initiative by Government of India. The Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has launched it in 2014 to motivate the national as well as multi-national companies to manufacture their products in India. As a result, story behind below concept started. What if ‘Make in India’ started way […]
Social causes logo nike

Social Causes Imagined Through Brand Logos – II

Here is something exciting. We have come up with yet another set of creative ideas for social causes reimagined through brand logos, like we did it previously. Missed the first part? You can always checkout here  
our clients

Lets Undesign web!

We are firm believers of what Milton Glaser says, “Less is not more. Just enough is more” (1). Lets undesign web has been our mission! This truly applies to modern digital world. This is more evident as Internet has been replacing habit of “reading” by “scanning” and attention span is decreasing inversely proportional to volume of […]

What is Hidden Behind Beers Bakery Logo?

Designing logo is always fun especially when there is something special hidden behind it. Recently we have designed a logo for U.K. based Beers Bakery. There is beautiful combination of Art and Maths which balances the design. Skeleton of Logo – Play with it! Drag mouse by clicking arrow or finger over the image below […]
social causes logoes imagined by pugmarker

Social Cause Imagined through Brand Logos – I

Here are 9 brand logos imagined for social cause made by our creative brain Sagar. Almost all big brands have their own way of contributing to social causes. It is well known practice to promote through “Cause Marketing”.  It is believed that consumers trust brand more if it is backed by social cause.   References : Cause Marketing […]