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Beers Bakery Logo Design Case Study

Our detailed approach of Logo design process is given below. Well yes, little bit long read but worth it to know the efforts we put. 😉

Here is summary of case study :

  • What does Beers Bakery do?
  • The ideas on table with brief
  • Research and important notes
  • General concepts
  • Refining it even more
  • Typography
  • Color Scheme
  • Final Logo
  • One Last Thing

What does Beers Bakery do?

Beers Bakery provides bespoke cakes for all occasions. The most crucial things for them are uniqueness in cake designs, presentation, of course taste along with attentive and personal service with stress free and enjoyable experience. Their another important area of expertise is wedding cakes as well.

The ideas on table along with brief

What Sam (Owner of Beers Bakery), precisely wanted is clean and elegant design that suits cake shop and it’s online presence so that the message “Bespoke Cakes for Every Occasion” is very clear with USPs. Layered cake’s presence and / or letter “B” could be part of logo graphics was also one of the recommendations in initial discussions.

Research and important notes

Considering overall input and the communication we have had, the most important thing was to understand primary USPs

  • Bespoke cakes
  • Unique designs
  • Attentive and personalized service
  • Stress free and enjoyable overall experience
  • Superb taste

We also analysed competitors business and their approach towards opportunities available in the same segment.

The goal of this was to outline striking key points that will make the logo “remarkable” and what they want to convey.

Here is summary of the key points

  • “B” to be part of logo
  • Elegant and sleek look that represents their design specialty
  • Something special that “balances” bespoke nature and equally important aspects of the service like attentiveness and personal touch.

Usually  we also consider different type of logos based on requirement, for example –

  • Word Mark based logo,
  • Symbol or Icon based logo
  • Emblem based logo
  • Illustrative logo

Since for this case, it was clear from the beginning that it is inclining towards icon based design, we executed Morphological Matrix parameters based on that.

General concepts

Their are many ways to generate ideas we mostly use

to help us brainstorm ideas. We preferred to use Morphological Matrix to generate this logo design. With help of this method we put key thought/components and ideas in the table. We chose few ideas from the Matrix (given in the sketch below)

  • Layered cake,
  • Beers Bakery’s initials ‘B’,
  • Decorative forms
Beers Bakery Morphological Matrix
Beers Bakery Morphological Matrix

Refining it even more!

After finalizing objects and ideas with the help of Morphological Matrix, we created some combinations for logo.

As the nature of requirements was, we preferred to go ahead with Icon based format and tried to come up with following combinations.



Every typeface demonstrates it’s own personality. It is very crucial to match personality of business with personality of typeface.  The font we were looking needed to exhibit sleekness, elegance and simple yet effective. Znikomit stopped our search! Of course we tried some variations too.


Colors scheme

Like the typeface, colors too have their emotions. So considering demographics and psycho graphics of the intended audience, we choose following:

  • Pink (Warmth, Nurturing, Sweetness),
  • White ( Genuineness, Efficiency) and
  • Turquoise blue (Creativity, Harmony, Communication).


Final Logo


One Last Thing

We were happy with the overall look and feel but the wanted make the final design balanced. Obsession with natures best practice to balance it’s creation, golden ratio, eventually made the experience complete and satisfying. How the golden ration and Fibonacci Sequence is used, is given in video below.

Play around the image below by dragging arrow and get an idea what is hidden behind the logo.



Here is video summary of Logo making.

If you are looking for a new logo, do get in touch!