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Humanity Still Prevails, Even If Humans Fail

We may have failed as humans but humanity will prevail! COVID 19 has created havoc, and situations are tough, lockdown is killing MSMEs, labor Read More…

The Role of Digital Marketing in Growing Your Business

Role of Digital Marketing in Growing Business

Are you a business that’s heard of digital marketing but don’t know what it is or where to start or are still contemplating on Read More…

Flatten The Curve, Not Your Marketing Efforts

Flatten The Curve, Not Your Marketing Efforts

In the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID 19), and with high levels of social distancing measures in place, the business has taken a dark Read More…

10 Tips to be an Efficient Work From Home Superstar!

Work from Home

With the coronavirus pandemic on the rise, businesses all over the world are resorting to work from home. Although it may seem like the Read More…

Patanjali Ayurvedic Condoms

ayurvedic honey flavour condoms

Lately, Patanjali has been a grand success in India FMCG market with a staggering valuation of ₹3,000 crore (US$450 million). Many are already trying to reverse Read More…

Deciphering Apple X ad brilliance

Deciphering Apple X ad brilliance

Going beyond “selling kidney” jokes for an iPhone, here is a food for thought for deciphering Apple X ad brilliance! Few pointers with the Read More…

Happiness month celebration at PugMarker

Happiness month celebration at pugmarker

Why are we celebrating happiness month? We asked each other this question 3 years back while we were planning to do business together. As Read More…

We are featured on Smashing Magazine too!

pugmarker featured on smashing magazine

Hey, there is good news! Smashing magazine has featured one of our “by-products”. I will be posting more details soon! Please check more by-products here.