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Kaustubh Valimbe


Kapil Gonge

Director & Tech Head

Sneha Mutha

Director & UI/UX head

Sagar Udale

Director & Design Head

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Why We Design Happiness ?
In a nutshell, we do

Logo Design
Marketing Collateral
Explainer Videos
Mobile App Design
Digital experiments like these Digital Products.
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It’s been more than 5 years we have been doing designs and development for web and print media. While working, we realized, it’s good to break the rules, go out of the box to deliver something stunning. At times, being in “cubicles”, do not allow you to do what you believe could create something that really matters.

So we decided to come together in Nov, 2012 and start from scratch. PugMarker is our fresh approach to deliver creative solutions to design problems. We believe “emotions” of user while interacting with design (logo, branding, website design or even a tangible product for that matter) has equal or in fact, much more significance than just UX & UI problems.

Where there is need of tackling emotions while interacting with design, your need is much more than what ready made “templates” can deliver you, and this is the place where PugMarker’s approach comes in picture where we decisively take efforts to deliver solution that suites to your brand, targeted audiences and your unique requirements.

Welcome to PugMarker!